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Wayward Goat Collectibles Announces Projected Price of $90 for MARV

Heads up, M.A.R.V. Faithful! Wayward Goat Collectibles has shared word on the proposed price for their upcoming Modular Armored Range Vehicle, the M.A.R.V.

The Projected Price Point for the M.A.R.V. will be $90 USD plus shipping. Considering what you’re getting in exchange, that’s an amazingly fair price for an amazing vehicle!

Wayward Goat Collectibles MARV Price Promo - Surveillance Port

The WGC Team is working hard to start the crowdfunding campaign for the 1:18 scale Modular Armored Range Vehicle this fall. Hopefully the project will be live on Kickstarter by late October/early November 2018.

I’ll be sure to keep you posted on further developments!

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