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Assembly Required Custom Contest Details Announced

Heads up, Joe Fans! The fine folks from Codename: Iowa have posted details on this year’s Custom Contest at Assembly Required 2018! Check out the full scoop below –

AR18 Custom Contest Banner - Surveillance Port

Hey, Joe Fans! Get out your paint brushes and band-aids, the annual Assembly Required Custom Contest is coming back! This is one of our favorite activities as it gives the fan community a chance to show off their passion for GI Joe.

There are 3 categories you can enter, with a maximum of 2 entries per category:


The figure category can be any scale, but to be eligible for voting must either be a custom of a character from the Joe mythos or use parts (at least 25%) from GI Joe toys.

The Vehicle/Other category can be pretty much anything you want it to be. If you are bringing something on the larger side, please give us a heads up so we can have adequate space to display your creations!

Kids category is for anything submitted by kids 15 and under. It can even be something they create while at the show.

Winners are voted on by you! Everyone in attendance will be given ballots for each category that they can then cast for their favorites. Voting will go throughout the day, so if you’re serious about taking home the trophy, best get there early to display. Winners must be present when ballots are tallied to be eligible.

Winners get a swanky trophy and the pride of a job well done. And maybe some other goodies, too. If you have any questions, feel free to ask here or contact us! Looking forward to see everyone’s creativity again this year!!

P.S. – If you haven’t taken a listen to the Full Force podcast yet, make sure to give it a click to hear Brian reveal one of the new activities coming this year to AR!!

Do you plan on entering the Custom Contest at AR18?

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