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Eagle Force Returns Kickstarter Campaign Update

There’s a new update to share on the Eagle Force Returns Kickstarter Campaign.

Joe Harris is plugging away on the Eagle Force play sets. I’ve mirrored the set of progress images below. The plan is to ship the play set and the gliders toward the end of the year.

The factory will be working on the paint samples over the next couple months but like Bill mentioned in the last update, they are planning on producing a limited number test shot figures, they will look something like this….a black R.I.O.T. Commando:

Eagle Force Returns Kickstarter Update - Surveillance Port (04)

No paint, but Bill did get them to agree on using 1 color when they run them. When Bill gets them in hand mid November (hopefully), he’ll take some pics and make them available on the Fresh Monkey Fiction website.

These will be limited, but if there is a demand Fresh Monkey Fiction will have them make some more. This way they can get some figures out there so folks can see the quality they can expect once they deliver the final figures.

I’ll bring you more updates as they’re made available.

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