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Sightline figures at Dirty South GI Joe Meetup Courtesy of Joe Declassified

For those that will be in attendance at the Dirty South GI Joe Meetup later this month on October 20th, there’s some great news to share courtesy of the fine folks at Joe Declassified!

The highly sought after Sightline figure has been graciously donated by Joe Declassified and will be raffled off at the show! Mr. Roger Taft will be on hand, representing Joe Declassified and will have a limited amount of figures available to win.

Details on how to win one will be shared at the show.

Joe Declassified GI Joe Sightline Dirty South Meetup - Surveillance Port (01)

Sightline is amazing tribute that Joe Declassified put together to honor the memory of Mr. Gary Head, aka Gyre-Viper, aka Goggles. Although Gary’s memory will always live on through his family and friends, this is our second chance to add a homage to Gary to our collections.

Sightline is a classic o-ring style figure that will definitely become the crown jewel of your collection. Many thanks to Joe Declassified on behalf of all attendees, as this is beyond awesome and highly appreciated.


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