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Nerdist shares new IDW Publishing G.I.Joe: Sierra Muerte Exclusive Preview

Mr. Luke Y. Thompson of Nerdist has shared an exclusive preview of a new G.I.Joe mini series inbound from IDW Publishing! At the wheel is none other than Indie comics creator, Michel Fiffe. I’ve mirrored the images and a short passage below for your viewing pleasure. That said, make sure to check out the full article on Nerdist (linked above).

Fiffe’s personal favorite team members seem to be the ones most of us liked best: Snake Eyes, Roadblock, Lady Jaye, Scarlett, Rock ‘n Roll, Gung-Ho, Stalker, and Flint, while the bad guy roster looks to include Zartan and the Dreadnoks in addition to the obvious Cobra Commander, Baroness, Major Bludd, and Destro.

“Love and loss, combat and cunning, cheap laughs and high stakes – this is everything I want in a G.I. Joe comic,” said Fiffe, proving that he gets it. The Joes and Cobras may battle for the fate of the world, but it’s always a mistake to take them too seriously. We are in a world where an evil military force employs bikers obsessed with grape soda, after all.

Many thanks to Mr. Luke Y. Thompson & Nerdist for the preview! This looks like it’s going to be all sorts of fun! I’m all in! What say you?

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