Eagle Force Handbook vol 101 Kickstarter Campaign Update

Heads up, Eagle Force Faithful! Bill from Fresh Monkey Fiction has sent out an update on The Official Eagle Force Handbook: Volume 101 Kickstarter Campaign! Here’s the scoop:

We’re QC’ing the books now so we can begin fulfillment in mid/late October. If you are a backer of the following rewards. 

  • Ultimate Eagle Force Set
  • Collector Pack Mystery Pack

Your comics and stickers will be ship separately from the rest of your items. The remainder of your items will be shipped in late October early November. 


We’ve printed out the rewards stickers. We’re bagging them up and shipping them to the printer so they can be shipped with your rewards.

Survey Responses

For those of you that have physical rewards. Please make sure you responded to your Kickstarter Survey. We cannot ship your order if we don’t have your info. All surveys MUST be received by October 1, 2018. If we do not receive your survey your order will be canceled and we will not offer refunds. Please contact us with any questions. 

Address Changes

If you need to change your address please do so. We cannot accept address changes after October 1, 2018. Please lock those in now.

It’s almost time to have this awesome Eagle Force offering in hand! Make sure to submit your survey if you haven’t already, as the cut off is only a week away!

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