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Coil Con 2018 Exclusive Scarab Strikes Convention Set Delayed

Heads up! Coil Con has sent out word that unfortunately, the 2018 Convention Exclusive Scarab Strikes set has been delayed. Here’s the scoop –

We received the unfortunate news this weekend that our exclusive Scarab Strikes set has seen a delay in production and will not be ready by COIL Con. We wanted to be sure that we were upfront and honest with everyone and get the news to each of you immediately. This is not going to be a “No one is more disappointed than we are” post. Instead, it gives us an opportunity to make the set even more special for everyone that has ordered one and give you even more with your purchase.

Everyone that has ordered a set, pre-orders a set online, or pre-orders a Scarab Strikes set at COIL Con will receive a COIL Troop Deployment package! Similar to the vintage Star Wars and GI Joe Early Bird Certificate packages, the Troop Deployment package will include exclusive items that will only be available with this package. We are still working on the final details, but you will NOT want to miss out on this. The package will be available at COIL Con to pickup and just like the past days of Star Wars and Joe Early Bird packages, your figure sets will be mailed to you when we receive them. If you ordered a non-attending set, the Troop Deployment package will be mailed to you with your figures when they arrive.

In the meantime, COIL Con will still have a huge showroom full of fantastic vendors, artists, cosplayers, guests, and exclusive comic covers. All other items such as Officer’s Club items, file cards, and clamshells will be available for pickup at the show.

We sincerely apologize for the delay. We know this is not the news you wanted. We hope to make it up to you with an amazing show, really cool items in the COIL Troop Deployment package, and fantastic figures when they arrive. If you have any questions, please message us through our Facebook page or email us at coilcon@yahoo.com.

It’s top shelf of the Coil Con crew to make sure everyone is well informed of the delay. It is unfortunate, but it’s out of their hands so the least we can do in return is afford the team a bit of patience.

Plus, how awesome is it that each pre-order will receive a COIL Troop Deployment Package? That’s beyond cool and quite the gesture!

I’ll be sure to bring you more details as they’re made available. Don’t forget to follow the Coil Con Facebook page for up to the minute details on the Event!

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