The Finest’s 234th Tigerhawks Announced as Special Guests for Assembly Required

Heads Up! This past Monday, the fine folks from Codename: Iowa shared word that The Finest‘s 234th Tigerhawks will be in attendance at Assembly Required ’18!

The Finest 234th Tigerhawks AR2018 - Surveillance Port

You know em, you love em. Assembly Required is pleased to announce the return of The Finest’s 234th Tigerhawks! Always a huge hit with the young and young at heart! Come on out and get your picture taken with some of the best Joe cosplayers in the world and talk shop on the ins and outs of costuming with this stellar group of Joe Fans. Seriously, you won’t meet a better group of passionate fans.

Also, we are down to only 6, yes six, vendor tables available. If you are interested at all in being a vendor at this year’s event, you need to contact us now! These final 6 tables will be gone quickly.

Last update we teased a special print coming from Ron Wagner. How about another hint. It is going to feature a character near & dear to Joe fans from the Hawkeye State.

As noted above, as of this past Monday the 17th, there were only 6 vendor tables left. If you’re interested in being a vendor at AR18, then make sure to reach out ASAP!

Can you guess whom the special character print from Ron Wagner will be based on? Sound off in the comments section!

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