IDW Publishing’s G.I.Joe: Silent Option #1 In Stores Tomorrow

REMINDER, although it’s doubtful you’ll need it for this one! 🙂

G.I.Joe: Silent Option #1 from IDW Publishing hits shops tomorrow! This series has been high on my wants list, as Tom Waltz and Netho Diaz have done a tremendous job in getting fans HYPED across Social Media.

W) Larry Hama, Ryan Ferrier (A) Kenneth Loh (A/CA) Netho Diaz

“Silent Option,” Part 1 (of 4)! Following in the bloody footsteps of the smash-hit “Dawn of the Arashikage” story arc, living legend Larry Hama brings us the newest chapter in breakout character Dawn Moreno’s G.I. JOE journey-and her first (un)official mission as a JOE may very well be her last… and nobody will ever know. Because when Agent Helix is involved, the only option is the SILENT OPTION.

As if this series wasn’t awesome enough, then there’s the exclusive variant covers, like this gorgeous Sanctum Sanctorum G.I.Joe Silent Option #1 SSCO Exclusive variant by Sabine Rich and this equally as spectacular Exclusive Silent Option #1 cover by Greg Horn.

Make sure to hit your favorite shop tomorrow, as this is one book you won’t want to miss!

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