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G.I.Joe Sketches Included with Orders from Greg Horn Art until 09/19

If you haven’t placed your order as of yet for Mr. Greg Horn‘s  Exclusive Cover for G.I.Joe Silent Option #1 or  G.I.Joe #255 – Special Missions Part 5, then there’s no time like the present, as a bit of very cool news was shared via the Greg Horn Art Facebook Page last week.

The sketches shared above represent random inserts that are being included in G.I.Joe orders until tomorrow, Friday, September 19th. If you make any order before shipping time, you’ll be included in this random promotional giveaway.

For now, they have 3 sketched backing boards and 1 blank cover- maybe more! Perhaps the stars will finally shine on you on shipping’ll open your package and YOU will be one of the lucky ones to receive some free swag!

Still time to order at so go before it’s too late!

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