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Incoming Transmission: Eagle Force Pulp Surprise Character Announcement

Heads up! My fellow Black Isle Operatives have picked up a secret transmission from Eagle Force HQ!

It would appear that none other than Captain Eagle will be playing a role in Eagle Force Pulp #5: Face The Fear! My fellow operatives tell me that the Captain will play a major role in the latter portion of the novella! What role will that be? Time will tell! For now, check out the details on this amazing new offering below –


Eagle Force Pulp: Search and Destroy left The Cat’s best friend Coyote back from the dead and the ghost of the vigilante The Face haunting him.

What happens next? Where can a dead spy go, especially after his ultra-secret agency has been destroyed? 

And why is the ghost of The Face haunting him?

Now, you know that anytime Chris launches a campaign, it’s chock FULL of goodies to add to your collection and this time around is no different! Not only can you pledge for Face The Fear, but you can also throw down for a Eagle Force Red Wing metal card!

Now, what makes this campaign different from previous Pulp campaigns? Well, Chris is doing something really special for this book: The cover will be a photograph of a 3D printed sculpt of The Face!

Eagle Force Pulp Face the Fear 02 - Surveillance PortWorking from the digital file from Fresh Monkey Fiction, Chris has printed The Face at a height of 3″. When you subscribe to the Debriefing level, you get access to the process videos, as he prepares and paint The Face!

Now, many of you know that the character GOREGILLS was created using my name. Now it’s your turn! If you pledge at the “Grisly Death Level”, your name will be given to a R.I.O.T. Anget or Thug unlucky enough to face off against The Face. All that can be promised is a grisly end at the hand of this undead Vigilante Monster!

So what are you waiting for? Head over to the Eagle Force Pulp #5: Face the Fear Kickstarter Campaign and get your pledge in! We’re Just a mere $65 from funding the next chapter in this amazing saga!

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