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Forgotten Figures Reviews the 1982 G.I.Joe JUMP Jet Pack

Forgotten Figures has shared his latest G.I.Joe review, this time of the 1983 G.I.Joe JUMP Jet Pack!

The Jet Mobile Propulsion Unit first came out in 1982, but it wasn’t until 1983 that the piece would include Grand Slam. Forgotten Figure shares his observations on the piece, including this snippet from the article –

For me, the JUMP playset features two main components.  The first is the launchpad.  It’s just a platform, but works very well for its purpose.  The second component is the one that mattered to me: the actual jetpack.  The jetpack plugs into a figure like a normal figure backpack and is interchangable with any vintage Joe.  This little piece, though, was the crux of the toy.  With it, any Joe could not “plausibly” fly.  That was a huge play element.  I had adventures where the JUMP was used to spot the enemy from miles away, as an escape for a desperate messenger who had to relay Cobra operations and as an attack mechanism which Cobra was hard pressed to repel.  In short, it brought a new dimension to every figure and didn’t require flight to be confined in an expensive and bulky vehicle.

I remember when I first received the JUMP. Being 5 and having a device that would allow my G.I.Joes to fly around my home alongside my Eagle Force and Star Wars figures was all sorts of epic to me at the time.

What about you? What are your thoughts on the JUMP Jet Pack?

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