Spero Studios Shares Animal Warriors of the Kingdom Deluxe 3D Print Sample

Spero Studios has shared an update on their Animal Warriors of the Kingdom Deluxe Series Kickstarter Campaign.

The update notes that we can be on the lookout for paint samples for the basic and deluxe figures in mid to late October. In the meantime, they’ve shared a “work in progress” image of King Hannibal, using a low res 3D Print to test out paint colors and theme.

AWOK King Hannibal 3D Print Sample - Surveillance Port

In related news, word was also shared that backers of the Kickstarter campaign can expect to receive a coupon worth 56% off your entire order. No e-mail has been received as of the time of this post, but should be sent out soon. Spero Studios noted the following:

Please do not purchase more than 10 add-on items with this discount. We love you, we really do. But it will put us out of business to do any more than that. So, if you purchase more than 10 we will refund the order and email you letting you know to purchase 10 or less.

So keep your eyes peeled for a coupon and don’t forget to limit your purchases to 10 items!



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