Not too long ago, the trio of amazing Gents that merge to form GI Joburg traveled across the globe to attend GIJoeCon 2018 in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Just yesterday, the team shared the third and final installment in the series, where they wrap up their journey to Joecon. Check it out –

Part 3, the Grand Finale! The conclusion to our three part documentary chronicling the epic journey to and from JoeCon 2018. Stephen has a tank, Paul has pizza and Rob has a knack for demonstrating how neck pillows work. Rob Dog! Joe Slepski! Washington! NYC! The Yankees! The Intrepid… we really saw and did it all!

Note: actual haunted cabins may or may not make an appearance in this video… and no pizza slice survives the massacre…

It’s been an absolute treat to live vicariously through the eyes of these 3 gentlemen as they traveled from South Africa to the United States to share their love for our favorite Modern Army Action Figure, G.I.Joe. I just wish I had the ability to bring them back again!

If you missed the first and second installments, make sure to check them out here:


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