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Fresh Monkey Fiction Shares Progress Report on Eagle Force Returns Figures

Fresh Monkey Fiction has shared word on their highly anticipated Eagle Force Returns action figures!

FMF notes that the factory has started setting up the paint samples along with the tampos. Check it out –

From what FMF has been able to gather, they should have most of figures in time for Designer Con in November. They also mentioned that they will have some production samples available soon.

These would be single color figures that happen to be whatever color plastic the factory has in the machines that day. FMF’s thought is to sell them to Kickstarter backers 1st (limited 1 per order) then any left overs will be available at the show.  The plan is to sell them for $30 each and if there is a demand for more, they can ask the factory to make some next year.  FMF post them for sale once they are in hand, which will probably be in late October. In no way are these exclusive, just a good way to get a few figures in peoples hands before we deliver. What do you think?

On that note, now that they have the paint masters the factory is advising that delivery should be happening in Q1 next year. Fresh Monkey Fiction wish it was going to be sooner, but there are over 30 figures to produce which comes down to around 20,000 units.

As things continue to move ahead I’ll be updating with more info.

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