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Weihua Wei shares more Amazing Images of Planet Green Valley Paint Masters

My good friend Weihua Wei has shared a new assortment of Paint Master Images of the upcoming Planet Green Valley 行星绿谷 惑星緑谷 1:18 Scale Action Figures! The assortment focuss on the EFSA – Security Forces Blue Wing Group. Check it out –

Weihua also notes that someone asked “since the project started in 2016, why isn’t it finished yet?”

Weihua would like fans to know that Ouying Studio is sorry! They can only do so much, as they’re not a company with huge financial and human resources (like, let’s say, Hasbro). The design of the figures began in 2017, with production starting in May of this year. After production started, issues with the mold were found causing the molds to be modified, which added more time to the process.

That said, I applaud Weihua and Ouying for staying the course, taking their time and ensuring that we have an amazing, quality product to add to our collections. I mean, c’mon, just look at this paint masters! This line is gonna be awesome!!


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