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Marauder Task Force Kickstarter Release Date Update

Heads up, Taskers! The team from Marauder Gun-Runners have shared a new update on their 1:18th K9 Dog, Exo Suit & Contract-Ops Kickstarter Campaign. It’s mirrored below without interruption:


Hey Taskers!

We hope you all had a GREAT Summer! We spent a large amount of our summer at the Factory making adjustments and spending time dealing with production issues on the upcoming Marauder Task Force Kickstarter items. Not to mention, countless hours on conference calls with the factory, reviewing every feature and specific detail of the numerous upcoming products. With our original MTF figure project and our MTF Val project, we were dealing with only 1 figure project per release. This aggressive project is 5 (FIVE) all new figure tooling projects and 10 all new color options of current items…so it has been a challenge. 

Our original goal was to ship the new MTF figure color versions, K9 dogs, Exo Suits & Contract Ops figures by the end of September and the Agency Ops Male figures & Agency Ops female Valkyries figures by the end of December. After several recent working conversations with the factory, we have confirmed that we won’t have all the new MTF items ready to ship by the end of September. We are looking at a possible late October ship, with an outside chance of a November ship. We are making arrangements to be at the factory to oversee production. The bright side to this news is the Agency Ops male & female figures, which were planned to ship by themselves at the end of December, will now ship at the SAME earlier time as the other Kickstarter items.

While any delay is unwelcome, sometimes there are situations beyond your control. As a bonus, we will add a “surprise” item to each package as thank you for you patience. Will keep you all updated as the production unfolds and during our upcoming time at the factory.

 Thanks again for your support!

 MJ & the MGR Crew

As always, the level of Customer Service received from the MGR Crew is TOP SHELF! I’ll be sure to keep you posted on future updates, so stay tuned!

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