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G.I.Joe Rise of Cobra Screenplay Autographed by Larry Hama on eBay

I believe it was just a few hours ago when I was mentioning rarities on eBay. Ready for another?

The Maestro himself, Mr. Larry Hama, has posted an original screenplay for G.I.Joe: The Rise of Cobra on eBay! Mr. Hama has also signed the screenplay, raising its coolness factor through the roof. Check it out –

From the listing: Complete 116 page script with each page watermarked “L. Hama.” This was a later version after I talked them out of having Snake-Eyes say something in the last act. If requested, I will sign the title page/cover. PayPal only. Shipping to USA and Canada via USPS Priority Mail.

The listing has been running since the 31st, with 3+ days left to go. In case you missed the link above, you can view the auction here – Screenplay: GI Joe Rise of Cobra signed by Larry Hama

Will you be throwing your hat in for this piece of G.I.Joe history?

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