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Forgotten Figures Reviews the Funskool Tunnel Rat Figure

Forgotten Figures has shared his latest figure profile, this time of the Funskool Tunnel Rat figure!

As noted in the Figure Profile, Tunnel Rat is easily one of the most popular figures in the G.I.Joe mythos. He first joined our ranks in 1987, sporting a look and gear that made many kids flock to him like a moth to fire. What I love about the Funskool version is that his color scheme almost looks like that of his Sonic Fighter counterpart, but is different enough that it feels like an entirely new version. From Forgotten Figures –

Forgotten Figures Funskool Tunnel Rat 01 - Surveillance Port

Tunnel Rat is easily one of the most popular figures in the Joe line.  He was released in the key Joe year of 1987, is an amazing sculpt, has excellent accessories, if colored near perfectly and has a likeness based on the father of the G.I. Joe mythos: Larry Hama.  Through the years, many other Tunnel Rat figures were released: pretty much all of them excellent in their own right.  Tunnel Rat was even given two international releases.  The Funskool figure, our subject today, features a paint scheme that is based on the 1990 Super Sonic FightersTunnel Rat, but is much brighter and more vibrant.  It’s hard to see this as anything other than the worst Tunnel Rat figure.  But, the bright colors and excellent highlights give him a Funskool-chic that makes this figure a fun release to own.

Make sure to check out the full Funskool Tunnel Rat figure Profile for more!


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