Eagle Force WAR Rewards Begin Shipping This Week

Eagle Force War Banner - Surveillance port

Heads up, Eagle Force Faithful! Chris from The Drawn Word has sent out word that Eagle Force War will be in our hands soon! From Eagle Force HQ:

The rewards are mostly ready to go: I had a hang-up in getting the Toy Soldier paperbacks in (UPS sent them south instead of north, zigging instead of zagging).

I prefer to get everyone’s out at the same exact time, but may have to make an exception and send the levels with the paperback out by Thursday or Friday (provided UPS gets them here on the expected Wednesday date).

Either way, I’ll let you know! I’m also in the process of prepping the next Pulp novella, Face the Fear, to launch soon, very soon!

It’s almost time, everyone! Prepare for WAR!

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