Cryptid Toys Super Articulated Skeleton Test Shots In Hand

A few days ago (5 to be exact), a  new update from the Cryptid Toys Super Articulated Action Figure Blanks Kickstarter Campaign was shared. Here’s the scoop –

Cryptid Toys Super Articulated Skeleton Test Shots - Surveillance Port (1)

A couple skeleton test shots from that factory arrived and the feedback after closely inspecting them has already been sent back to the factory for them to tweak the tooling.  

They were done in a very light cream colored plastic (test shots are just done with whatever material the factory has on hand from production runs of other figures) that is hard to photograph.  That’s the reason for the red backdrop – the skeleton just disappeared into the white backdrop. 

There are several adjustments that need to be made, mostly with the joints, but no huge issues.  Some fixes include – making the ball joints on either end of the spine a little larger to have a tighter fit into the sockets, changing the elbow peg shape to prevent the upper arm from bulging, changing the ends of the pegs on the hands so that switching them out is much easier, and making the sockets on the bottom of the heads a bit larger to also make switching out the heads easier.  The flashing (extra plastic that seeps out between the two mold halves) will need to be trimmed off better for some parts, and the points where the sprues were (thin, tubular channels in the tooling that lead the liquid plastic to the cavity where the mold of the part is) will need to be cut off better so there are no nubs left behind. 

Cryptid Toys Super Articulated Skeleton Test Shots - Surveillance Port (2)

 The neck joints are more than tight enough to support the weight of the heads and still allow for good movement so that’s what I’m also trying to achieve with the spine.  Those joints are a bit loose currently but the larger balls on either end of the spine should fix that. 

Don’t think this was mentioned before, but every hinge joint on the figure (shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees, ankles) has been given raised ridges to produce that ‘ratcheting’ or ‘clicking’ effect when moving them.  They are all functioning very well aside from the ankles which are a bit loose, so those will be tightened up as well.  

Expect another update when the factory makes some changes to the tooling and can update me.  The factory doing the Male figure and base has informed me that they are in the tooling phase for those so expect an update on those fronts when I have one as well. 

I’ll bring you further updates as they’re made available. Doesn’t seem like it’ll be too much longer before we have these awesome offerings in hand!

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