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Wayward Goat Collectibles shares M.A.R.V. Comparison Image Collection

I hope you’re all enjoying the long weekend! This past Saturday, Mr. Greg Bridgeman of Wayward Goat Collectibles set the internet on FIRE with a large collection of images, showcasing the M.A.R.V. alongside different figures and vehicles, giving us a great feel for what we can expect once we get this massive beast on our own shelves!

First up, let’s take a look a look at the M.odular A.rmored R.ange V.ehicle in all its glory –


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As you can see, not only does this “walk around” of the M.A.R.V. show just how much room this piece has, but check out the storage capability! –


Yes, those are full size drums from Marauder Gun-Runners and multiples fit inside with ease! You’ll be able to resupply your front lines in no time flat! Speaking of MGR, check out the M.A.R.V. alongside Marauder Task Force figures from Marauder Gun-Runners


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As you can see, the M.A.R.V. and M.T.F. figures are a match made in heaven! Now, that’s not to say that the M.A.R.V. won’t look sharp alongside other 1:18 scale offerings, as detailed by this assortment of pics. Check it out –


The M.A.R.V. looks awesome alongside everything from G.I.Joe to Marvel Universe! I know I’m going to need a few to battle other vehicles. Speaking of which, check out the M.A.R.V.’s scale alongside other 1:18 scale vehicles! –


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I wasn’t kidding earlier when I noted that the M.A.R.V. is a beast! It’s HUGE compared to other 1:18 scale offerings, which is perfect! I can think of no better way to tied together this amazing assortment of images than with this fantastic video by The Big Eye Studio:

Wayward Goat Collectibles has most definitely hit a home run with the M.A.R.V. and I for one cannot wait for this Kickstarter campaign to launch!

2 comments on “Wayward Goat Collectibles shares M.A.R.V. Comparison Image Collection

  1. Where and when will this be available? And what will the cost be?


    • Hi Christy – There was a Kickstarter that unfortunately did not reach its initial funding goal. Wayward Goat Collectibles plans to launch again soon.

      A single MARV would run you $90 USD.

      I’ll be sure to share word once the next campaign launches.


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