Animal Warriors of the Kingdom Deluxe Series Pre-Tooling Update

A new update has been shared via the Animal Warriors of the Kingdom Deluxe Kickstarter Campaign Page.

For any tribe members who aren’t familiar with the toy making processes, there are several stages. The AWOK figures are at stage 1 (if you don’t count all of the pre-production) as of this post, which is the high-resolution 3D printing of the toy parts.

Animal Warriors of the Kingdom 3D Printed Parts - Surveillance Port

Here are the next steps:

2. Pre-metal tooling plate phase: This will allow us to make test shots to work out any issues and also create paint masters for the factory.

3. Metal tooling plates are created to cast the toy parts.

4. Casting & Painting the parts.

5. Assembly of the figures and packaging.

6. Shipping from the factory to Spero.

7. Spero ships out your awesome action figures!

While on topic, there’s also an update in regards to the current Pre-Order phase for the AWOK Deluxe Series – As you can see, progress has slowed but Spero Studios still has 2 months to work on these characters and with half of the Tribe filling our their rewards surveys, there is definitely still hope for GRIMES and the Chunari Soldiers V2!

AWOK Funding - Surveillance Port

I’ll continue to share updates along the way as they’re made available.

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