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Final Deadline for Film Submissions for the Action Figure Film Festival is Aug 31st

REMINDER – It’s the last week to get in your submission for the Action Figure Film Festival! Submissions are due by Friday, August 31, 2018.

The ACTION FIGURE STOP MOTION FILM FESTIVAL is the world’s first festival dedicated to screening works by stop-motion artists who use ACTION FIGURES as main characters or actors. The Festival combines the excitement of world premiere short-films and fan tributes with the allure of Denver’s nightlife. AFFF highlights up and coming filmmakers, as well as masters of the craft and has already attracted award winning films in the past years. Independent in every sense, these films share the same willingness to challenge the conventions set for stop-motion.

There are only (3) rules to follow for submitting your film:

1- Your film MUST be shot using stop-motion technique. Puppetry, wires and live action could also be used as long as it does not comprise 30% of the entire film.

2- Your main character MUST be an ACTION FIGURE (GI JOE, Marvel, DC, TMNT, Star Wars, etc.) from any franchise or maker. Other toys may be used in supporting roles. Barbies are ok. NO LEGOS PLEASE.

3- Your film must have a story. Do not submit animation tests or “to be continued” films.

If you need an extension please contact the Festival Team ASAP! Submit your films at http://www.filmfreeway.com/afff . I hope to see your film in the Festival!


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