The Full Force Unearths Action Force G-Force Fan Club Membership Pack

There’s always hidden treasures found in storage and this awesome find is no different! Mr. Christopher McLeod from The Full Force shared word via The Full Force Facebook page that while cleaning out his storage area, he came across documentation from the Action Force G-Force Fan Club!

Christopher notes that in the early 90’s, many figures included leaflets promoting the G-Force Club. Unfortunately, despite Chris and others sending in their payment for a one year membership, the Club was ultimately cancelled.

The good news here is he still received a number of the items originally promised, including:

  • A sticker sheet (I used the main sticker on my cabin bed)
  • Stencil
  • Product leaflet
  • Poster
  • Randomly, a Tomax action figure

The enclosed letter explained the reason Chris wasn’t getting everything advertised on the what he describes as the “most incredible letter headed paper ever made” and I may have to agree with that sentiment! 

There was no clear indication as to what figures G-Force members would have received, although Dodger appears to have been heavily featured. Could members have received a Dodger figure? Well, there’s no telling but Chris does strike a great point – Any figure(s) received would more than likely have been random overstock.

The cub was cancelled with a statement noting that the  cancellation was ‘Owing to present economic conditions’, which could have also meant that there hadn’t been enough interest in the offer. 

Many thanks go to Christopher and the Full Force for sharing this awesome piece of Action Force history with us!

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