ReadySetz Opens Direct Pre-Order for Space Base and Urban 2.0 Playsets

Well folks, I have some bittersweet news to share with you. We’ll start off with the not-so-good news:

Unfortunately, the Force was not with us this time around. As the Space Base Playset had just under 2 days left and $14K more needed to fund, the team at ReadySetz opted to cancel the project. A bummer to say the least…but that brings us to the good news!

Pre-Orders for the Space Base Playset and Urban 2.0 playset in both scales have been opened on the ReadySetz Website! Yes, you read that right – You can still get your hands on either or both of these amazing offerings direct from ReadySetz! The best part? Shipping in the Continental U.S. is FREE!

Please note – All purchases will be immediately billed with playsets shipping in October 2018.

Get yours here: ReadySetz Playsets – Buy Now




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