Final Paint Master Images for Eagle Force Returns Action Figures

As noted earlier, there was quite a bit of awesome information from Eagle Force shared over this weekend. Not only did we get to check out the Final Eagle Force Handbook vol 101 Gatefold Cover Artwork, but were also treated to a collection of images representing the Final Eagle Force Returns Paint Masters! Check’em out –

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The assortment of images includes Paint Masters for:

  • Captain Eagle
  • Sgt. Bulldog
  • Bulldog Brigade Trooper
  • General Brown
  • Zapper
  • Modern Kayo
  • The Cat (Classic and Modern)
  • Eagle Force Officer: Infantry Leader
  • Eagle Force Trooper
  • Takedown
  • Takedown’s Thunder Unit
  • Stryker Jr.
  • Grimm Reaper
  • Agent Grimm
  • Ultima Thule
  • R.I.O.T. Commando
  • R.I.O.T. Shock Trooper
  • Hornet
  • R.I.O.T. Pilot
  • Baron Von Chill II
  • Arctic Assault R.I.O.T. Commando
  • Fireball
  • Firebug

These amazing figures were painted by Mr. Jason Bienvenu of Spero Studios and were noted to be missing the final tampos and logos. Please also be aware some of the parts are not fully assembled because of the paint thickness and a few parts are incorrect. These issues will be adjusted at the factory before final production.

Are you excited to add these modern versions of Eagle Force to your collection? I know I am!

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