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Punk Epoch Line of 1:18th Scale Steampunk Military Figures Revealed

A new challenger appears! From Epoch comes Punk Epoch, a new 1:18th scale line of offerings! The line is set in a post apocalyptic future and is very reminiscent of Acid Rain World and War of Order offerings. Check out the gallery below to feast your eyes on what’s been revealed so far are:

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  • Punk Epoch Tony
  • Punk Epoch Allen
  • Punk Epoch Tom
  • Punk Epoch Jerry
  • Punk Epoch Kevin
  • Punk Epoch Mech (awaiting name confirmation)

Yes, you read that last line right, there’s even a Steampunk style 1:18th Mech suit that looks like a salvaged Military Plane! How cool is that?! These figures appear to be available for pre order right now in the Malaysian market, running around $35 USD per figure (no pricing yet on the Mech).

I’ll bring you more details as they’re made available. Stay tuned!

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