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1994 G.I.Joe Star Brigade Cobra Power Fighter Painted Hard Copy Sample on eBay

I think it goes without saying that I have quite the obsession with the Star Brigade series from G.I.Joe. As such, you can imagine how quickly my jaw hit the floor when Mr. Brent Resner, an Elite Crimson Guardsman in the field, pointed me towards this 1994 G.I.Joe Star Brigade Cobra Power Fighter Painted Hard Copy Sample on eBay. Being offered by popculturerelicscom, the listing notes the following:

Included is an original vintage painted hard copy prototype. A hard copy is a “looks like, works like” sample made of urethane. This particular example was hand painted and also features hand cut prototype stickers. Painted hard copies are extremely rare, generally only a handful are made and even less survive. Typically, less than 5 painted hard copies were made for any given character or vehicle. One was used as a salesmen sample, one was used at Toy Fair, one for catalog photography and one for the Orient as a deco guide. This piece was created internally at Hasbro by the Model Shop for use as painted hard copy. Made of urethane, it is considerably heavier than a production version and there are many color differences as well as sculpt differences from the final product. Highly doubtful another of these has survived all these years. This was used internally at Hasbro during the original creation of the line. This was never intended for sale and would have amazing display ability. This has never been offered publicly for sale prior to this auction, this has never been traded among collectors, dealers or auctions before. Very rare, original vintage Hasbro items never surface on the market making these highly sought after by intent collectors. Amazing display ability. Only what is in the photos is available for auction.

I love seeing pieces of history like this and am happy (and slightly jealous, lol) of the lucky individual who ends up adding this awesome piece to their collection.

That said…anyone have an extra $2K+ laying around? 🙂

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