Eagle Force WAR and Toy Soldier Pre-Order Now Open To All

In case you hadn’t heard, yes, I am GORE GILLS, an agent of the Black Isle. I’ve broken my cover to bring you a highly classified Communiqué that I’ve intercepted. Looks like this information was destined for Eagle Force, but you’ll hear it first –

~*~ TSSSSSSK ~*~

All Operatives that missed out on the Eagle Force War and/or the Eagle Force Pulp Kickstarter campaign can now pre-order Eagle Force WAR, the Paperback version of Eagle Force Toy Soldier or Both!

To Pre-Order, send payment to drawnword@gmail.com via PayPal. You can also contact Chris at the same e-mail address with any additional questions.

  • Eagle Force: WAR Card & Dice game will run you $15
  • A personalized & autographed paperback copy of The Cat: Toy Soldier will run you $25

Don’t forget to let Chris know what Eagle Forcer you’d like to see more of! Make sure to fill out the official form here: Eagle Force WAR and Toy Soldier by The Drawn Word





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