B2.Five Acid Rain Summer Soul 2018 Capsule Soldiers Revealed

The team from B2.Five will be in attendance at Summer Soul 2018 and will have an awesome new offering in hand – Capsule Soldiers! If you ever slipped a quarter in to an old vending machine to get a capsule out, then you can imagine what these will look like. Check it out –

B2.Five Acid Rain Summer Soul 2018 Capsule Soldiers 01 - Surveillance Port

The assortment of Capsule figures includes:

  • K6 Jungle Team Infantry
  • 15th Stealth Team Pilot
  • K6 Jungle Team Pilot
  • R711 Riot Team Pilot
  • Bucks Team Infantry

So, how do you get your hands on one? Here’s the scoop:

At the show, you can get one after completing a Mini-Mission. Or, if you spend $240HK, you will be given the opportunity to snag one. Each $240HK spent gives you another capsule!

For those of us that can’t make it to Hong Kong, no worries, there’s a  chance for us to get in on the fun, too!

  1. Follow the B2five_official Instagram Account
  2. Use your B2.Five toys to make an awesome creation! Upload your B2.Five creation to Facebook/Instagram.
  3. Hashtag #B2Five on your post.

That’s it!

Will you be getting in on the fun? I know I will!



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