Let’s Talk Eagle Force on Kickstarter Live Tonight at 8pm Eastern

Eagle Force The Cat Toy Soldier Collection - Surveillance Port

If you took part in the Eagle Force Pulp: The Cat in Search & Destroy Kickstarter campaign, then hopefully the final chapter in the Lee Fine Agency Arc has arrived safe & sound and you’ve enjoyed it as much as I have!

To celebrate, Mr. Christopher Irving of The Drawn Word has scheduled a Kickstarter Live event that will kick off on today, Monday, August 13th at 8pm Eastern.

The first part of the Q&A will answer any questions about Eagle Force Pulp stories that Chris is either working on or planning, while the second will be a spoiler-filled debriefing of the final chapter of Lee Fine’s Agency arc.

It’s been an amazing ride and as a life long Eagle Force fan, I applaud Chris’ accomplishments and look forward to what he cooks up next! We can talk about all of that tonight, so I’ll see you at the Live event at 8pm EST sharp!


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