G.I.Joe Collectors Club shares Mock Up of Cobra Sonic Fighters Viper

This past Friday, the G.I.Joe Collectors Club shared a digital mock up of the upcoming Cobra Sonic Fighters Viper figure first revealed at GIJoeCon 2018.

GIJCC Cobra Sonic Fighters Viper - Surveillance Port.jpgThe Viper is intended to fill a spot that would have otherwise gone empty, as the final twelve represent a collection of subteam offerings meant to fill gaps in modern era collections. The final 12 assortment includes –

  • Slaughter’s Marauders – Low-light and Barbecue in accurate decos
  • Tiger Force – Euro Exclusive Hit & Run, Blizzard, Psyche Out and Tunnel Rat
  • Sonic Fighters – Lt. Falcon, Dodger, Viper, Road Pig
  • Adventure Team – Black Spider Rendezvous AT Leader and Coils O’Doom

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