Eagle Force Pulp: The Cat in Search & Destroy Now Arriving

Heads up, Eagle Force Faithful! The Final Chapter in the Lee Fine saga is now hitting mailboxes!

Eagle Force Pulp The Cat in Search and Destroy - Surveillance Port.jpg

Originally available via a Kickstarter campaign, The Cat in Search & Destroy is the 4th Novella in the Eagle Force Pulp series by author Christopher Irving. The four book series was also collected in the form of a Hardcover titled “Toy Soldier”.

During the campaign, we also unlocked metal cards of Savitar, the evil R.I.O.T. Ninja! All in all, I’m beyond excited with this latest addition to my library. This fantastic series is a must have for any Eagle Force Aficionado!


Side Note – Personal Geek Moment: I can now reveal that the Eagle Force Mega character card that you see there is based on none other than yours truly! That’s right, I’ve been inducted in to the Eagle Force Universe as GOREGILLS! I’m beyond honored to have a part in a property that had such a hold on my early play years.

Did you get in on the campaign? If so, keep your eyes out for the mailman and enjoy Search & Destroy!


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