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Acid Rain World Custom Contest Images


Kit Lau has shared images from the Acid Rain World Custom Contest held this weekend! There were some amazing entries on display, with this grouping of images only scraping the surface. Check it out –


The event was held yesterday at Campfire in Quarry Bay, Hong Kong. Participants were able to make any kind of custom they wanted with no restrictions or limitations.

Sponsored by Aither Entertainments Ltd, the show was a big hit, as not only were fans greeted with a special gift, but also had the option of purchasing special Acid Rain World coffee mug.

Each entry submitted at the event was automatically entered in to the voting. As folks arrived, they were given a ticket (only 1), to place their vote with. There were (3) tiers of rewards:

  • The Most Voted Customization : Mr.Kit Lau’s secret gift
  • 2nd & 3rd most voted Customization : < Acid Rain World > Portable Battery x1
  • Selected Voter ( 1 Person ) : < Acid Rain World > Whiskey Cup x1


As an added Bonus, on display was a series of Prototypes showcasing the making of Acid Rain World offerings, alongside new selections coming our way soon!

I hope that this kind of Acid Rain World custom competition finds its way Stateside!

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