The Art of Brian Shearer Volume 1 Available for Purchase

Great news to share! Mr. Brian Shearer, Artist Extraordinaire, has sent out a new update regarding his highly anticipated book – The Art of Brian Shearer Volume 1.

Brian notes that the books have arrived and look great! If you’re not following him on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram, then you need to fix that ASAP, as he’s been sharing posts of the sketches that he’s doing inside of some of the books. His goal is to do about 10 a day, which would get him through all of the requests in just over two weeks.

Now for the even better part – There are EXTRA BOOKS AVAILABLE!

Although the book is limited to 500 copies, Brian is going to put the book online to buy for anyone that would like one! Now, don’t worry, this won’t delay backer rewards. We’re still on track for getting everything delivered in October (November at the very latest).

So if you or someone you know wants a copy, here’s your chance to add it to your library! Just click on the title below!

The Art of Brian Shearer Vol. 1

A 116-page book containing sketches, covers, commissions and commentary I’ve done over the last few years. Each book is 8.5 x 11 and come with a custom sketch in the back of a character of your choice!

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