G.I.Joe Collectors Club August 2018 Issue Highlights New Exclusives and Final 12

Many thanks to the fine folks from The Full Force for sharing word that the August 2018 issue of the G.I.Joe Collectors Club magazine is now arriving!

The cover of the latest issue greets readers with a killer image of Cobra Range Viper Cosplay from GIJoeCon 2018. Within the pages of the August 2018 issue, collectors are given the scoop on upcoming Club Exclusives including:


COBRA COMMANDER has never had a more ruthless group of all-female assault troopers. Once deployed and active behind enemy lines, they are cut off from any COBRA reinforcements and must rely on their training and improvised orders from their Night Stalkers Commander.

This G.I.Joe Collectors Club Exclusive three pack set features a unique masked female head sculpt with ponytail in (3) different hair colors  – Black, Brown, Blonde. They are the perfect troop builders to expand your COBRA army! These three modern style, fully poseable 3 3/4″ action figures will be polybagged and include: removable helmets, assault rifles, pistols, combat knives, figure stands and file cards.


ZARTAN, the notorious master of disguise, rides his COLD SLITHER CYCLE through the shadows of the darkened city. The twin-cam 3600 rpm engine growls as the motorcycle moves like a phantom through narrow alleys and along the night-shrouded streets. The sleek design conceals menacing surprises – spike weapons and steel blades instantly deploy when it’s time for him to attack the G.I.JOE Ninja Force!

This Limited Edition set includes Ninja Force ZARTAN figure with accessories and motorcycle.


First revealed at GIJoeCon 2018, the final twelve represent a collection of subteam offerings meant to fill gaps in modern era collections. The final 12 assortment includes –

  • Slaughter’s Marauders – Low-light and Barbecue in accurate decos
  • Tiger Force – Euro Exclusive Hit & Run, Blizzard, Psyche Out and Tunnel Rat
  • Sonic Fighters – Lt. Falcon, Dodger, Viper, Road Pig
  • Adventure Team – Black Spider Rendezvous AT Leader and Coils O’Doom

It shouldn’t be long now before we see pre-orders for these new offerings. Will you be adding any or all to your collection?

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