Tom Waltz Teases IDW Publishing’s G.I.Joe Silent Option on Twitter

Mr. Tom Waltz, Manager of Creative Development & Senior Editor at IDW Publishing, does an outstanding job of getting the blood flowing on Twitter via his amazing teasers. He’s been sharing pages from the upcoming G.I.Joe: Silent Option series and needless to say, MY BODY IS READY! Check it out –

“A little message for child-trafficking scum. You mess with kids then you mess with us. Just know — this isn’t a game. And we don’t play around. Yo Joe.” 

In A Real American Hero #1, a covert team of Joes is gonna make a whole lotta noise! 

Hate human traffickers, especially the scum that traffic children? Then you’re gonna love A Real American Hero , because the Joes will be taking out the human trafficking trash with extreme prejudice! 

You know who REALLY hated ? The original ! Find out just how much in A Real American Hero ‘ “Codename: Helix” by & — the amazing origin tale that will run for the entire 4 issues! 

A Real American Hero #1 hits stores in Sept 2018. It marks a sea change for the title. When the smoke clears, nothing will ever be the same. Will you be there to witness righteous justice being served against those who would harm children? 

I can’t wait for September to get here already! Silent Option is going to be amazing!

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