Forgotten Figures Presents Rarities – 1988 Target Exclusive Hit n Run Figure

For this installment of #FlashbackFriday, we’re joining Forgotten Figures as he takes a look at the 1988 Target Exclusive Hit & Run with Parachute Pack!

In the late 80’s, G.I.Joe fans saw re-releases of certain figures in new packaging. For instance, there was a special Muskrat vs. Voltar 2 pack that featured exclusive new packaging. Another exclusive of the time was this amazing Hit & Run figure. Sure, there’s really no difference from his original release, but the fun part here is that he came carded with a G.I.Joe Parachute Pack!

1988 Target Exclusive Hit & Run Paracute Pack Forgotten Figures - Surveillance Port

Now, both of these offerings are easily accessible on the secondary market. That said, if you’d like a carded sample like this, then prepare to pay a pretty penny. The most recent example noted as sold on eBay came it at $699, whereas current listed offerings range from $1K and higher.

1988 Target Exclusive Hit & Run Paracute Pack File Card Forgotten Figures - Surveillance Port

As you can see from the image above, the Target Exclusive Hit & Run offered an orange file card which popped off of the card as opposed to its gray single-card counterpart.

All in all, this is a fantastic piece and one I’d recommend acquiring if the price is right, as the additional verbiage and parachute pack on the larger format card are really awesome!

Make sure to head over to Forgotten Figures to see more awesome rarities like this one!

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