Boss Fight Studio is Moving – Possible Fulfillment Delay Noted

Heads up, Boss Fighters! The Boss Fight Studio team has just shared some very exciting news – They’re moving operations to an all NEW HQ! Some say that it’s a Castle, whereas others say that it’s a converted Missile Silo. I’m sure it’s awesome either way!

All kidding aside, let’s get to business: Because of the scale of this move, the BFS team anticipates that they’ll experience a 10 business day fulfillment delay. No worries though, there’s still time to get in an order!

All orders received AFTER Saturday, July 28th will be subject to the delay as the team won’t have the ability to process it. If you want to get your hands on some awesomeness before then, make sure to get your order in by Midnight Eastern July 28th to allow for processing.

The team thanks you all for your support and understanding during this very exciting time for BFS!

Keep on Boss Fighting!

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