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SDCC 2108 – G.I.Joe Post Show Wrap Up

Well, G.I.Joe Fans, #SDCC2018 has come and gone and pickings in relation to our favorite Modern Army Action Figure were slim. The bittersweet news here is, we were well aware that we wouldn’t be seeing any new G.I.Joe toys until the launch of the next movie.

That said though, San Diego Comic-Con wasn’t completely devoid of G.I.Joe news! Statue collectors have a lot of awesome to look forward to, as versions of Scarlett and the Baroness are set to be released as part of Kotobukiya’s Bishoujo Series!


There was also a new 1:4 scale Cobra Storm Shadow from Pop Culture Shock Collectibles on display, with artwork promising Baroness and Snake Eyes coming soon!


Lastly, Mr. Brian Waltz took part of the IDW Publishing panel and brought word of exciting new G.I.Joe comics coming our way, like the highly anticipated “Silent Option” storyline. We also got to feast our eyes on the covers that make up the “Toys in Action” series and needless to say, they’re all beyond awesome!

We’ve been in “Hiatus Mode” before, so sit tight, Joe Fans. I’ll be sure to bring you more news on these topics as it’s released!

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