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New Acid Rain World Toys Alliance Offerings World Debut at ACGHK2018

If you thought that #SDCC2018 brought us reveals of all that the Acid Rain World had to offer, then do I have a surprise for you! The Acid Rain World Facebook Page has been updated with exciting previews of upcoming Acid Rain World offerings from Toys-Alliance, a new partner creating amazing 1:18th scale pieces for your ARW collection! The teasers included previews for:

  • Acid Rain World FAV-A01 Bucks Team Wildebeest WB3b
  • Acid Rain World FAV-Series XDrone-Flea
  • Acid Rain World FAV-Series Grampus
  • Acid Rain World FAV-Series Camelbot

What’s interesting to note is the new XDrone-Flea, Grampus and Cambelbot are part of the N.A.U.S. Military and all of the ability to transform! The XDrone-Flea changes from cargo container to attack drone, the Grampus has a hidden weapons system and the Camelbot changes from Mech to transport!

Not to be left out is the oh-so-awesome Bucks Team Wildebeest! I can see this dirt bike getting a ton of love from 1:18 scale collectors everywhere! You’ll be able to see all of these amazing new Acid Rain World additions at Ani-Com, better known as ACGHK2018, July 27th through the 31st. No worries, I’ll undoubtedly do all that I can to bring you coverage from event!

What are your thoughts on these new teasers from Toys-Alliance & Acid Rain World?

2 comments on “New Acid Rain World Toys Alliance Offerings World Debut at ACGHK2018

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