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The Unslain – Torvus the Grim Revealed

Famed Sculptor and Artist Arlen Pelletier has shared a new reveal from his upcoming series of 1:18th scaled Action Figures named “The Unslain”. This time around, we get to check out Torvus the Grim and wow, is he awesome or what?!

The Unslain Torvus the Grim Reveal - Surveillance Port

Teasers have been posted on The Unslain Facebook and Instagram pages, giving us a glimpse of what’s to come via Kickstarter in February 2019.

Just like Trux the Savage and Atrox the Fierce, this gorgeous offering scratches itches I didn’t even know I had! I mean, c’mon, look at that sculpt!

I’ll be sure to share details as they’re released, but in the meanwhile, make sure to follow The Unslain on Facebook and Instagram for more!

7 comments on “The Unslain – Torvus the Grim Revealed

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