Final Countdown for the Animal Warriors of the Kingdom Deluxe Series Kickstarter

Time is winding down for the Animal Warriors of the Kingdom Deluxe Series Kickstarter Campaign! There’s now roughly 61 hours to go and we’re only $1,713 from unlocking the Mighty King Barca!

AWOK Deluxe Series King Hannibal - Surveillance port

King Hannibal Barca: Lion – A legendary leader and warrior; the king of the noble cat nation. Hannibal was able to push much of the Horrid armies out of his territory until Kah Lee’s discovery of a powerful technology that not even the legendary Hannibal could stand against. It is said that the Baron defeated Hannibal in a private duel and that Kah Lee’s Horrid has swallowed up Hannibal’s army and territory. Many believe, however, that the tales of Hannibal’s death have been greatly exaggerated and that, somewhere, the great lion is planning his return and the liberation of his tribe

Don’t forget, the Animal Warriors of the Kingdom Post Kickstarter Celebration is Coming Soon, so make sure to either get your pledge in or alter it so you have a greater chance of winning some uber cool prizes once the campaign wraps up!

Onward, AWOK Tribe!

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