Letal Customs Grenadiers Wave 2 Pre Order ends this Sunday at Midnight!

Heads up, Grenadiers Fans! The Pre-Order window for series 2 from Letal Customs will be ending this coming Sunday, July 15th at Midnight! If you’ve been holding off, then get on it as time is running out!

If you dig boutique style offerings, then you’ll love the next series from the Letal Customs Camp. Reach out to @stephen_celentano on Instagram to get your order in. Here’s the scoop:

  • Set of 4: 1 of each color, $42.00 plus $4 shipping
  • Set of 5 of a single color (Non Python P): $50.00 plus $4 shipping
  • Set of 5 Python P Grenadiers : $60.00 plus $4 shipping

Shipping will be combined for multiple sets. These prices reflect Pre-Order Pricing. Once these are in hand, pricing will be $12.00 (basic colors) and $15.00 (Python P) plus shipping.

Single color sets of 5 are LIMITED to 50 sets PER COLOR for the pre-order. Multi color sets of 4 (1 of each color) are LIMITED to 150 sets for the pre-order.

Make sure to reach out to @stephen_celentano on Instagram for more details or if you need more time!

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