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G.I.Joe Displays and Signage for auction at Hakes Americana

Over the course of the last week, I’ve been taking a look at the amazing assortment of high end G.I.Joe offerings for auction on Hake’s Americana & Collectibles from the collection of Mr. Kevin Watts. My posts have focused on a grouping of fascinating items from Kevin’s collection, ranging from a brilliant Unproduced 1995 Star Brigade Thrasher Artwork and 2up to a fascinating assortment of Unreleased G.I.Joe Rise of Cobra Pre Production Samples.

As the auctions are now winding down with roughly an hour left to go, I wanted to take one final look at a collection in the assortment, the unsung heroes of G.I.Joe, the store displays!


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Now, I know signage and display is for sure a niche market, but I personally love’em! Of course, Kevin doesn’t have just any old display bins (of course not, lol!) Up for grabs is all sorts of awesome, from fully decked out Kre-O and Sigma 6 displays, to a full case of Combat Heroes including the rare foreign issued figures!

Remember those awesome 12″ & Sigma 6 Paratroopers with the giant parachutes that you’d see when you walked in to Toys’R’Us? They’re here too! I mean, c’mon, there’s even an unreleased box of Skor candy with ROC logos on it! Check out the full assortment of signage & Displays below –

I’ve had an absolute blast sharing these lots with you, so I hope that you’ve enjoyed them too! Many thanks to Mr. Kevin Watts and to ake’s Americana & Collectibles  for being so gracious with all of my tagging on social! 🙂

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