Cincinnati Comic Expo

Mary McDonald-Lewis and Bill Ratner set to attend the 2018 Cincinnati Comic Expo

Heads up, Joe Fans! Mary McDonald-Lewis, the voice of Lady Jaye and Bill Ratner, the voice of Flint, are set to be guests at the Cincinnati Comic Expo September 14th – 16th! Here’s the scoop –

“Knowing is half the battle!” 
Voice actress and dialect coach Mary McDonald-Lewis, best known for playing Lady Jaye in the G.I Joe cartoon, will be attending her first-ever Cincinnati Comic Expo!

Mary McDonald-Lewis’ other voicing credits include Wonder Woman on the animated Superman series, Veronica Deane on Archer, and numerous other characters on SuperFriends: The Legendary Super Powers Show, Galtar and the Golden Lance, Where’s Waldo?, and most recently on Voltron. She also appeared on camera in roles such as Frau Pech on Grimm. In addition to acting, Mary is a dialect coach for the cast on dozens of programs and films and theatre director. Mary McDonald-Lewis is also the voice of the OnStar vehicle navigational system.

“Remember, a Cobra is a snake and snake is sneak spelled sideways!” 
Voice actor Bill Ratner, known for his role of Flint in the mid-1980’s G.I. Joe cartoon series, will be attending his first Cincinnati Comic Expo!

In addition to portraying Flint and other characters on the Sunbow production, Ratner is recognized for his numerous other projects in television and video games. Ratner has also provided the voices for characters in the Mass Effect franchise, Ben 10, the Grand Theft Auto franchise, Final Fantasy, Dead of Night and dozens more. Bill Ratner’s voice has also been recorded for narration and film trailers, for promos, comemrcials, and numerous documentaries. 

Get your admission tickets to the 2018 Cincinnati Comic Expo for an opportunity to get an autograph here: 2018 Cincinnati Comic Expo

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