Unreleased G.I.Joe Four Panel Puzzle Transparency for auction at Hakes Americana

Just yesterday I brought you word on an amazing Unproduced 1995 Star Brigade Thrasher Artwork and 2up for auction at Hakes Americana. This piece, along with many other high-end G.I.Joe offerings from the collection of Mr. Kevin Watts are up for auction.

One of aforementioned auctions is for this amazing G.I.Joe Four Panel Puzzle Transparency. The piece depicts an assortment of G.I.Joe & Cobra figures and vehicles battling it out in what is an outstanding piece of work from artist Doug Hart. Check it out:

G.I.Joe Unreleased US Four Panel Puzzle Transparency - Surveillance Port

Hasbro. 8×10″ color transparency art. Art is for unreleased US four panel puzzle. A great piece of artwork from artist Doug Hart with numerous Joe and Cobra characters and vehicles in an action battle scene. High end transparencies such as this were scanned before digital photography was used. NM as produced. A rare unique piece of G.I. Joe pre-production artwork. *Additional information added: while this artwork was not used on a U.S. release Milton Bradley puzzle as created in 1990, it was used in 1992 on a Greek Candlebox and in 1994 on a Netherlands distributed puzzle series. Kevin Watts G.I. Joe Collection.

I love seeing all of the cool pieces from 1990 battling it out! From the General to Destro’s Dominator, this transparency has everything! This piece would look great alongside your “Collecting the art of G.I.Joe” series from 3DJoes.com, wouldn’t you agree?

As noted above, Kevin has quite a few high-end items up for grabs, from unreleased figures to 2 ups, displays to art, so make sure to head over to Hake’s Americana & Collectibles to check out what’s available, as there’s now less than 3 days to get your bid(s) in!

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