Action Mice Iron Weasels Mouse Slayer Revealed

If you’ve ever followed my reporting during my tenures on Cobra Island and HissTank, then you know about the awesome new series coming our way called Action Mice. In case you haven’t heard of this exciting new program, here’s a brief synopsis –

If you crossed G.I.Joe® and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles® you’d get ACTION MICE, a specialized military task force of battle-hardened mice with one single goal; to combat the increasing onslaught of the Iron Weasels. The world needs new tiny heroes, and the ACTION MICE are here!

Just last week, the Action Mice Facebook Page shared an awesome new update, highlighting on of the Evil Iron Weasel vehicles – The Mouse Slayer!

Action Mice Cheese Slayer - Surveillance Port

It’s an awesome new addition to the Iron Weasel Arsenal and one that the Action Mice team are definitely in for some trouble with!

I’ve had so much fun covering this new line in the past, so I hope that you too will enjoy more updates as they become available!

Many thanks go to Mr. Brent Resner for the heads up!


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