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Locker Toys Shares Zombie Lab Paint Masters

Locker Toys Group Limited (lockertoys.com) has posted an in-depth gallery of Paint Masters on the Zombie Lab Facebook Page. Check out the slide show of over 30 images below, followed by an update from Locker Toys:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

These are official photos with mass production sample which is factory promised standard. Some setting are changed, please do not mind. Some characters come with more weapons and some zombie color are different also.

There are many news announced in these two day, however, those troubles are border us over 3 months. Now the problem have been solved because of the company structure rebuilt.

The figures are producing now, we expect we can ship to backer in August. In the following month, non-backer may purchase from different online shop. Please preorder them immediately when you see them in next month because we will practice a quota policy to different shops.

There you have it, folks! Zombie Lab will begin shipping to backers next month, with Pre-Orders being opened to all in the days to come!

Are you excited to add this line to your collection?

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